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Why Do Dogs Have a Better Sense of Smell?

Everyone knows that Fido would kick your ass in a smelling contest, but why? What exactly is it about a dog’s nose that allows it to work so much better than ours? To answer that question, we need to understand the workings of the nose, both in us and our canine friends.

The Anatomy of a Nose

Inside our noses, we all have turbinates, which are bony cylinders. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that these turbinates contain a spongy membrane that holds scent detecting cells and the nerves that transport sensory information to the brain.

We have Sight, Dogs have Smell

In humans, the turbinates, if unrolled and spread out, would only cover the area of a postage stamp, whereas a dog’s would span the area of a standard piece of paper. That means Fido has an incredibly large amount of scent detecting capabilities, especially when compared to us. In fact, scent is a dog’s most powerful and most relied upon sense, as compared to sight in humans.

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