How Long Will My D Bag Last?

As with any product, the lifespan of the Deodorizer Bag is directly correlated to how and how often it is used. On average, a Deodorizer Bag that is used every day, with rough wear & tear, will last around 2 years. For occasional use, for example only when you travel, the Deodorizer Bag could last far longer.

The D Bag is not intended for long term storage. This means you should not keep anything inside of it 24/7 for prolonged periods of time. Because the activated charcoal absorbs odors, it will absorb, to a degree, the smell of your items. If you would like to maintain the integrity of your items you should only keep your stinky objects in the Deodorizer Bag when it is necessary. Great uses for our bag-for example, when you are traveling, away from home, etc.

In addition, we do offer warranties on satisfaction and craftsmanship. Our small bags come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, while our larger styles come with a 1 year warranty on defects.