History of the Deodorizer Bag

The Deodorizer Bag began its journey in Hawaii, circa 2009, when a father and son teamed up to create an odor-eliminating storage device. Brian and Brandon, the creators, originally coined their invention 420 Stealth, but after striking a deal for sole distribution with NHM Distributing, the product was completely re-branded as the Deodorizer Bag. Along with a new name, the D Bag received a complete brand identity, including a new logo, color scheme, finalized packaging and a revamped website. Since then, the D Bag has become a multi-national product that is sold in all 50 states, as well as abroad in select countries.

As with any successful product this activated charcoal, the smell proof Deodorizer Bag has evolved over time to keep up with customer demand and increase efficiency. There have been 3 generations of D Bag to date, which can be visually distinguished through label placement.

How to Identify Your Deodorizer Bag:

Generation One

The original 420 Stealth, this generation was developed for the first 4 months of our business these bags do not have a label identifying them as a “Deodorizer Bag”

Generation Two

This is when things got serious. This generation contains an interior left-side label that can found within the storage area of the product. This is also the time in which D Bag responded to customer demands by introducing new larger sizes, such as the smell proof Duffel Bag and the 12 x 15 XL Bag for carrying bulk tobacco.

Generation Three

This is the current model, these bags contain a label on the center of the inside flap and is the newest version to hit the market. D Bag met more customer requests by introducing custom sizes, as well as custom lined Pelican cases for ultimate travel purposes.

Check out your Deodorizer Bag to see which generation you’re rocking or buy a Gen 3 smell proof bag now.

*All generations are manufactured with two layers of activated charcoal for maximum odor absorption.