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Scent Marketing

Do You Smell a Trend?

Smell is our sense that is most closely linked to memory and mood, making it an attractive, albeit lesser known, marketing tactic. Perhaps the best example to date lies in the real estate industry. For decades, agents have used smell to lure in potential buyers and make them “feel at home.” By baking fresh pies and cookies during an open house, real estate agents have kept clients at ease and made them more willing to see the home as cozy and livable, rather than cold and distant.

Smells Like a Sale

However, pies and cookies can only go so far. This is why a new marketing trend has been on the rise. Advertising companies are looking to cash in on scent marketing by producing products that can help persuade sales, such as custom air fresheners, candles, and aromatherapy items. For example, car companies are interested in scents that can be used during test drives to motivate buyers, and retail stores are looking for smells that will attract customers. On a larger scale, some companies are hoping to create a “brand scent,” that people will associate with them as much as a logo. It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but research is proving that scent has the potential to change our moods, and in turn, our behaviors.

I guess that means here the smell proof Deodorizer Bag, we use No-Scent Marketing.

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