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Why Do Dogs Have a Better Sense of Smell?

Everyone knows that Fido would kick your ass in a smelling contest, but why? What exactly is it about a dog’s nose that allows it to work so much better than ours? To answer that question, we need to understand the workings of the nose, both in us and our canine friends. The Anatomy of a Nose Inside our noses, we all have turbinates, which are bony cylinders. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that these turbinates contain a spongy membrane...
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How Smell Works

The Deodorizer Bag is all about eliminating odors, but how exactly does our sense of smell work anyway?  Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted our senses, but they really are complex and intricate processes, and smell just may be at the top of that list. Smell is Often Our First Responder In fact, smell may be the fastest responding sense that we have. In many cases, we are able to smell stimuli way before we can see or hear it....
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Scent Marketing

Do You Smell a Trend? Smell is our sense that is most closely linked to memory and mood, making it an attractive, albeit lesser known, marketing tactic. Perhaps the best example to date lies in the real estate industry. For decades, agents have used smell to lure in potential buyers and make them “feel at home.” By baking fresh pies and cookies during an open house, real estate agents have kept clients at ease and made them more willing to...
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