How to Clean Your Deodorizer Bag

Deodorizer Bags are made in the USA and built to last. Stitched by hand and made with TWO (2) layers of activated charcoal and a 2 ply polyester fabric, Deodorizer Bag is resilient and durable. Effectively caring for your bag will help to extend its life even further. Follow these easy steps to clean your D Bag and prevent it from unnecessary damage.

Wash the Activated Charcoal Fabric

Step One: Take a damp washcloth and simply wipe both the interior and exterior areas with the cloth. This is where the charcoal activated lining resides. Wiping it down with a damp cloth will remove any surface residue and help to maintain the effectiveness of the odor absorbing charcoal elements.

Re-Activate the Activated Charcoal

Step Two: Take a hair dryer and turn it to high heat. Then dry the inside and outside of the bag thoroughly. The heat passing through the charcoal fabric will reactivate the charcoal lining. The heat will clear out the pours of the charcoal which will bring your life back to a 90% life.

That’s it!

It only takes those two steps to clean and maintain your Deodorizer Bag. Now isn’t that nifty?

You’re probably wondering; How often do I clean my Deodorizer Bag? While it is an essential component in maintaining your D Bag in the long run, it is NOT necessary or recommended to regularly clean your bag. We suggest only cleaning your Deodorizer Bag if it begins to smell or if you notice it just isn’t working as well as it should.

In our experience and testing, we have found that a brand new D Bag can be used every day for 9 months before needing a refresher. If you use your bag only occasionally, you can go much longer without washing.

Lose of Functionality

The activated charcoal fabric of the Deodorizer Bag will reactivate to a 90% functioning rate after each cleaning. This means that your D Bag will lose 10% functioning with each cleaning.