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Malodorant Weapons

The United States Army is developing a new non-lethal weapon that is meant to suppress people without inflicting long term harm upon them. How they are doing this, however, is causing quite a stink.

Killer Smell

The weapon unfolds in two parts. The first is an artillery round, or a personal suppression projectile, that is fired from a range up to 28km. Once fired, the projectile spreads into 152 smaller, non-explosive sub munitions that parachute to the ground, while emitting a chemical agent.

More Effective than Pepper Spray

Whereas in the past, chemical weapons similar to this one have put out combinations of pepper spray, this one is much different. Pepper spray is an effective tool, but it only lasts for minutes at a time and in certain cases, may violate Chemical Weapons laws. The new weapon, on the other hand, has the ability to “suppress, disperse, or engage personnel” and “deny personnel access to, use of, or movement through a particular area, point or facility.”

Stink bomb on Steroids

So what’s the secret to this powerful weapon? The answer is a Malodorant, which acts like a stink bomb on steroids. Imagine the smell of putrid garbage mixed with rotting flesh-then times that by a thousand and you still have a ways to go. Malodorants are so strong that they can actually render someone incapable of doing anything other than gasping for air. The odor causes immediate and extreme nausea, which forces whoever is under its smell to run for fresher air. This could be an extremely effective way to flush out the bad guys from hiding spots, among countless other uses.

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