Directions for Use

Before you begin inserting items into your Deodorizer Bag, it is important to take a few necessary precautions to maintain the integrity of your bag.

Clean Your Area

First, start with a sterile environment. Keep in mind that any substances that may transfer to the D Bag’s exterior will contaminate it and lessen its effectiveness. For this reason, and to ensure maximum efficiency, be sure to clean any surfaces before setting the D Bag down.

Wash Your Hands

Next, wear gloves. This will prevent contaminants that may be on your hands from spreading to and dirtying the surfaces of the Deodorizer Bag through basic handling. Always use care when handling the D Bag and its filling.

Protect Your Items

Make sure to place your stinky items inside any other container prior to putting them in the D Bag. This will extend the life of your items as well as the bag by providing a barrier against the activated charcoal lining. Don’t allow your stinky items to directly touch the Deodorizer Bag fabric! The fabric will absorb anything it comes into contact with.

Use the only Smell Proof Bag

Once the items are secured in any container, place that inside the smell proof bag compartment. Firmly press and seal the interior Velcro closure. Then, fold over the flap and secure the outer Velcro seal in the same fashion.

That’s it! You can now enjoy all the benefits of the Deodorizer Bag.