FAQ’s & Information

What is your shipping policy?

Deodorizer Bag prides itself on excellent customer service and fast shipping. Most orders are processed within 24 hours and will be received by the customer within 5 business days (through standard ground shipping). We ship through USPS Priority Mail or UPS. Spend over $100 on Deodorizer Bags and receive FREE SHIPPING!

The benefits of the Deodorizer Bag over other containers?

Simple plastic bags are not designed to contain odors and can easily rip or tear. Glass jars are inconvenient for travel and certainly break if dropped. Vacuum sealed packages are designed for a single use, but once opened the bag is no longer effective (it won’t even close again without another heat seal). Hard plastic containers are bulky and will only reduce, not remove the odor. Avoid all these downfalls, along with any anxiety over your stinky odors by using the D Bag instead. The Deodorizer Bag is small, compact, discreet, re-sealable and re-useable for months at a time. It takes all the best aspects from other storage devices and improves upon the formula to create the #1 odor defense product on the market.

How well does the Deodorizer Bag contain the odors and smells?

The patented activated charcoal cloth is made from the most powerful odor absorbing and odor elimination material available. The scent of any stinky item you place inside the Deodorizer Bag’s compartment will not seep out, regardless of the how pungent your objects are. Feel confident and safe that you have the only smell proof bag to keep your stinky materials remain private and the surrounding air remains odor free. No more embarrassing encounters, with this bag you can keep the smell to yourself!

How Do I Use the Deodorizer Bag?

    1. Place your stinky items within any other container BEFORE inserting inside the Deodorizer Bag.
      It is important to make sure your item’s do not come into contact with the charcoal cloth otherwise the carbon will absorb part of your item
    2. Place the container filled with your stinky items inside the Deodorizer Bag compartment.
      Make sure not to contaminate the exterior of the bag
    3. Firmly press and seal the interior Velcro.
    4. Fold over the flap and securely seal the outer Velcro – your bag is now smell proof.
    5. Enjoy the odor free air!

Remember: Do Not allow your stinky items to directly touch the Deodorizer Bag fabric!

What is activated charcoal and why does it work so well?

Activated charcoal comes from carbon which has been treated with oxygen. This produces an extremely porous charcoal; which increases the surface area of the charcoal. These pores ABSORB various gases and liquids. Luckily for us the activated charcoal ABSORBS ODORS! How well the charcoal works depends on several factors including, the pore size, distribution and the original material used to made the charcoal. Don’t be fooled by other “smell proof bags”, the Deodorizer Bag works so well because made out of military grade activated charcoal cloth, which has been proven in the field.