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Malodorant Weapons

The United States Army is developing a new non-lethal weapon that is meant to suppress people without inflicting long term harm upon them. How they are doing this, however, is causing quite a stink. Killer Smell The weapon unfolds in two parts. The first is an artillery round, or a personal suppression projectile, that is fired from a range up to 28km. Once fired, the projectile spreads into 152 smaller, non-explosive sub munitions that parachute to the ground, while emitting a...
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Love the new site

We launched our new website a week ago. We are still making so final touches, but all in all we LOVE the new site. Everyone here at the only 100% smell proof bag, Deodorizer Bag, would like to thank Green Scene Marketing, for creating such a wonderful site! In addition to our website being revamped we have redone mostly everything. Be sure to be on the look out for new store marketing materials, as well new consumer promo materials. Everything...
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