Malodorant Weapons

The United States Army is developing a new non-lethal weapon that is meant to suppress people without inflicting long term harm upon them. How they are doing this, however, is causing quite a stink. Killer Smell The weapon unfolds in two parts. The first is an artillery round, or a personal suppression projectile, that is fired from a range up to 28km. Once fired, the projectile spreads into 152 smaller, non-explosive sub munitions that parachute to the ground, while emitting a...
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CHAMPS Trade Show Mishap

Here we go again. It’s the night before CHAMPS 26. The car is packed,  tri-folds are printed but there IS a problem… Where is the cheese? I have misplaced the Limburger cheese! I don’t know how I could have done this. I swear it was on the shelf waiting for the next trade show. I wish my mind could remember where the cheese is?
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