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The Deodorizer Bag is Finally Here to Quell Any Stinky Worries!

For years mankind has strived to eradicate foul odors or to cover up the smell. Particularly, this has been an omnipresent effort to trap odors when transporting stinky items. Enter into the fray of the technologically advanced world of today – where folks who are trying to transport their tobacco and herbs using single use vacuum sealed bags, breakable glass jars, or even hard plastic containers – and you have relatively few innovative options.

That is, of course, until now! Introducing the world’s first and foremost Deodorizer Bag. It’s reusable, it locks in odors and prevents them from permeating the surrounding air, and it keeps your contents fresh and moist. Moreover it’s easy to use- discreet and convenient. No more stressing over how to carry your stinky items because the Deodorizer Bag has you covered!

A sleek looking and ever so discreet black pouch that’s constructed out of a patented activated charcoal cloth that allows you to transport any smelly item, no matter how much odor it may have, without being remotely detectable to the human nose. The Deodorizer Bag is a level of odor elimination unseen before now. The last thing you want to worry about is having stinky odors emitting from your person- and drawing unwanted attention.

Even better, you can reuse the Deodorizer Bag time and time again. The patented charcoal lining lasts for months at a time so you don’t have to keep using old plastic bags, or have to worry about that glass jar breaking, or worse, opening up on you while you are traveling and making a mess! The Deodorizer Bag has taken the most desirable facets and traits of all other smell proof storage items and improved upon them to bring you the ultimate in smell proof bags. Reusable, constructed of durable fabric, easy to use, and most importantly- 100% odor-free!

There are no other products on the market that even remotely compare to the Deodorizer Bag in regards to odor elimination. Seeing as this unique storage option is patented, don’t expect to see any comparable items for quite some time. In fact, accept no imitations as there is only ONE Deodorizer Bag. This bag is so convenient and easy to use that it has quickly become the sworn by industry standard!

Let the Deodorizer Bag help you Keep the Smell to Yourself!

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