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A medium lightweight 4 x 6 inch Deodorizer Bag made out of a patented activated charcoal cloth. The ultimate defense against unwanted odors. Holds up to a half ounce (14 grams) of most tobacco or herbs. Ideal for larger pockets, backpacks or purses.

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    Awesome product have had it for a few years. Fits a loaded pipe with a lighter just nicely! And absolutely no smell gets through. I’ve put in a warm pipe and have had ash fall in it and even after you take the stuff out immediately after, the inside of the bag is completely Oderless! Highly recommended!!

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    about 7-8 years ago, my girlfriend (now my wife) got me this product for a birthday gift. i have used and ABUSED this bag 24/7 since 2011-2012 and it is now 2019. while initially i was skeptical of the price for what you get, if you do the math, and your bag lasts as long as my original did, you’re getting quite a good deal. $60 USD for this 4×6 medium sized bag, used for 7-8 years, that breaks down to just about $8 per year for a reusable storage bag (that actually works)!

    i have tried a couple other bags from other mfgr in the past with failed results, this is what prompted my girlfriend at the time, to purchase a deodorizer bag as a gift for me. the others may be lined with activated charcoal, just like these bags, but the competition still leaked smells around the seams, or the zipper, they fabric/material was thin and wore at the corners after being slid in and out of my pocket over time, and the stiching did not hold up well to my abuse were some of the problems i had with the competition. this bag features a velcro seal across the top, and then a velcro flap that covers that. the fabric/material is sturdy canvas that has held up well over time. i have packed and stuffed this bag to maximum capacity many a time, but the stitching has held up just fine.

    i came here today to purchase another, a replacement to my original. the original still works, its odorless when its closed still, its just old has some ash stains on the inside, and the INSIDE of the bag smells like a stale old pipe (because thats what i store in there). activated charcoal cant absorb smell for ever, it has a lifespan. i am extremely satisfied with the lifespan of the product i originally received, which is why i am willing to purchase again.

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